We must be thinking men are the most dominant users of various technologies. But it is time to get our facts right. According to various reports and numerous statistics, women tend to make use of different technologies and that too more than men. Ideally the importance of technology and its advancement is concerned with women too. Also, the technology industry has been more reflexive and they only consider what men actually want. The industry has been male dominant and it calls for a reformation.

When you check the internet usage, in western countries, women use the internet 17 percent more than their male counterparts. Women love to use their own mobile phones, spend quality time on internet, blogging their ideas and reviews and also spend more time on other technologies. Also, women are the largest users on Skype and women tend to dominate on other social networking sites too.

It is high time that the technology oriented industries design multiple gadgets and technologies for women. Smart companies take care of the women’s needs and also concentrate on the accessories which women can use. The biggest reason behind this is that women are the most demanding customers. Also they ensure quality in whatever they buy. Top quality and especially goodness in the product makes them happy and they are good to go. Women have a long list of their needs and higher expectations from the marketing companies.

Don’t view women as a single market. There are many types of women in one whole market. There are the busy women workers, athletes, busy moms, executives and many more. For each of them, their needs and requirements might be different and their technological needs can also differ. For a lady executive and boss, they will be expecting smarter gadgets and technology which will make their personal as well professional life easier. For a busy housewife or mom, smart home gadgets will make their work simple and hassle free. Hence the technological needs differ from woman to woman.

It would be one of the best ideas to give the authority of the design process of your company to a woman. They know the best and they can understand the needs and requirements of the people better than men. It is absolutely one thing to get input from women by asking wives, assistants or even other designers in the office. But to truly avoid the pitfalls of creating a product for and marketing it women, companies need to put women in charge of the process.