A computer is connected with some logics.The interconnections between the layout patterns in the network of any computer is called network topology. You can imagine topology has a virtual shape or structure of the network.Network topology is also called “Network Architectures”. The topology is called the shape or layout of the network. How the different nodes of the network are connected to each other and how they establish communication with each other, the topology determines the network topology is physical or logical. The method of connecting computers and data flow in it is called topology. Topology is the geometric arrangement of computers in a network.Now let us see What Are the 5 Network Topologies?

  • Ring topology

There is no host, main or controlling computer in this topology. In this, all computers are connected in a circular shape, each computer is connected to its subordinate computer, but there is no computer owner in it. It is also called Circular.In the ring network, data is exchanged at a normal speed and on receiving the data from one computer to another computer, the other computers in the middle have to determine whether the said data is for them or No. If this data is not for that, then that data is passed to another computer. 

  • Bus topology

Bus topology uses the same cable and all computers are connected to the same wire in the same sequence. A special type of device is installed at the beginning and end of the wire which is called Terminator. Its function is to control the signals.

  • Star topology

This network consists of a host computer which is directly connected to various local computers. Local computers are not connected to each other, they are connected to each other by the host computer. The entire computer is controlled by the host computer.

  • Mesh topology

Mesh topology is also called Mesh Network or Mesh Network. Mesh is a network topology in which devices are connected to many additional interconnections between network nodes (Nodes). That is, in the mesh topology, each node is connected to all other nodes of the network.

  •  Tree topology

In tree topology, the characteristics of both star and bus topology are present. It has a host computer like the star topology and like a bus topology all the computers are connected by a single cable. This network looks like a tree.

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