Whenever there is a matter of creating a website on the Internet, we need two things first, domain name and second web hosting.We can say that domain name internet is the place of introduction and the same web hosting works.Without these two, creating a website and a blog is not only difficult but also impossible. Due to their absence, we cannot even think about making websites and blogs.

Types of Web Hosting-

  1. Shared Web hosting service

As the name itself suggests, means to share. In these Types of Web Hosting  many other websites are kept on the same server.Typically, all domain servers can share a common pool of resources, such as RAM and CPU. The features available with this type of service may not be quite basic and flexible in terms of software and updates. Reseller often sells only shared web hosting, which is why web companies often have reseller accounts to provide customer hosting. 

  1. Reseller web hosting

Web hosting companies allow customers to become web hosts themselves. Reseller accounts can be quite different in size: they can have their own virtual dedicated server that is in a colocated server. Many resellers provide almost the same service for their providers’ shared hosting plan and provide technical support themselves.If you feel that someone is giving you good money for your hosting, then you can easily sell it to others and you can sell it by sharing your hosting.

  1. Virtual dedicated server

Also known as virtual dedicated service virtual private server (VPS), server shares resources to virtual server, it is exactly the same as a hotel room like all the items in that room belongs to you as long as you are in that room.VPS is often used for multiple VPS relationships based on a single server, virtualization of things due to several reasons including the ability to transfer a VPS container between servers. So that users can have root access to their own virtual space.This is a server provided for a good and single person, only one person can host their websites and blogs.These Types of Web Hosting is generally expensive, website loading speed is good by using it.It is similar to living in different rooms and that means you use your main gate with everyone but the rooms are different.This is expensive with shared hosting. If you feel that your website or blog is getting more traffic which shared hosting cannot handle, then you can change your hosting plan.