There is absolutely no doubt in the sentence that Smartphone are ruling the world and the people. They are all about technology and techniques and hence, they are the most important medium of communication and contact for everyone. It is simply not possible to imagine living without them. There are so many of them that it is difficult to choose but once you have a good one, there is surely no need of changing them annually. So, Samsung brand is regarded as the best Samsung phone India in the latest smartphone category. Let us know some Smartphones brand which come into this category.

1. Samsung

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Samsung has always managed to remain in the first position when it comes to the most popular brand of Smartphones. Samsung’s brand value and constant retail presence is unbeatable even if it is long back in the race from Xiomi. It found it hard this year to win the challenger over Chinese Smartphone player -Xiomi but it has still managed to hold a good place in the global market. Their range of mobile phones is varied and very classy. Samsung has opened the world’s largest experience center in Bengaluru. Samsung Galaxy J6 and Galaxy J6+ were some of the memorable hits this year. In brief, they achieved a very good response in terms of sale from the Indian market, which is why it still gets the recognition of the best Smartphone brand.

2. Huawei/Honor

During the second half of 2018, Huawei surpassed Apple as the largest Smartphone brand in the second position. This is the first time ever when some other brand has been able to replace the tech-giant Apple from its position. However, both the companies Huawei and Honor seem to have a lot of overlapping and lack of differentiation sense. But as we see the growth of the company in India, with its amazing set of devices, a little clarity with the prices of the product could inspire it to have an even more successful trajectory altogether. But Samsung Smartphone is the best Samsung phone India when you compare with the Huawei or Honor Smartphone

3. iPhone

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Talking about Apple, unfortunately, it has been pushed down to the 3rd position by new rising brands Samsung and Huawei. The company gave a modest performance in its shipping number. The company could do well in the premium segment only because of its most expensive best seller iPhone X. However, it is believed to regain control of the market through its phenomenal range of the three generations of the iPhone model.

Apart from these, they are many smartphones which gives good features and specifications but the Samsung smartphones is known as the best Samsung phone India. Hope that i have covered all the topics in my article about top smartphones in India. Thanks for reading!