The growth of industries in the IT sector has been quite exponential and it seems that there’s no stopping it anymore. Over the year there have been quite a lot of IT companies and every day in some corner of the world new IT companies are getting established. So if you have been looking for the list of top IT companies in the world, then here is a list that you are going to love reading about. And hopefully, this list will be of help to you. So check the list of the top IT companies in the world down below.

Top IT Companies in The World:

Microsoft Corporation:

Microsft is such a company that needs no introduction as they have been in the game for quite a long time. and not just that, they have also been ahead of everyone in this race of best IT companies in the world. They have quite a lot of products and the most famous of them all is Microsoft Windows. So probably you are even using one right now. Apart from that, they have quite a lot of other products as well, some of which are MS Office, Skype, Internet Explorer, etc. A lot of people might not know about it but one of the famous social media platforms, Linkedin is also a part of Microsoft.

 Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

Have you heard about Hewlett Packard? Didn’t, Right? Well, then have you heard about HP? Yes! who hasn’t? Well, the full form of HP is Hewlett Packard. HP has quite a long list of products that they have produced over the year and the list doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Some of their products are Laptops, Printers, etc. Apart from that, they also specialize in Data Storage, Cloud Computing and designing and developing Softwares.


In the past few days, by acquiring several additional players in the industry, Capgemini has strengthened its position as a leading information technology group. In the last couple of years, the company has purchased iGate, Fahrenheit 212, LiquidHub-US, etc. All these acquisitions have led to the company’s growth in IT, development and strategy market.


Accenture which means the accent of the future. The organization has over 400,000 staff worldwide in its offices and has many business divisions and among which each unit has a specific contribution to the total revenue generation of the company. Accenture Consultancy offers digital marketing and accessibility services and apart from these, there are other services as well.

Well, these are some of the best IT companies in the world. And apart from all these, there are other companies as well. So if you have any questions regarding these, then feel free to comment below and let us know. Hopefully, this was informative enough for you.