In this digital world, technology is evolving at a faster pace, countless innovations and discoveries are made every year and most of them gets successful to amaze the world with brilliant ideas. Every now and then we get know about new gadgets, systems and technologies. The fact is that there’s so much going around the world that keep yourself updated about every new thing is a bit challenging. But since most of the people own smartphones, it is pretty much easier for them to stay updated with the outer world. All thanks to the apps, there are numerous tech apps available on the internet today that would keep you updated from anywhere in the world. In this article, we will be discussing about the best tech news app that one would love to use.

Listed below are the top 4 tech news app that must consider


Medium is one of the most popular platforms that permits people to share their views about the on going happening across the globe. Medium is not thoroughly a tech news app; it provides information covering various other sections too. Yet, Medium might be the best one for you has you can discover a lot about gadgets, tech related news, science and so on.


What Is Feedly?

Feedly is highly recommended for those who are always running short of time as you do not have to struggle to get to the actual new, the app is well-organized saving much of your time. Also, you can customize the feed as per your preference. You can easily connect to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn to share the updates with your loved ones.


As the name goes, Flipboard presents the news to you in a flip style. The app is pool of knowledge and information related to latest technology which is well-organized. And its not just about tech, the app also provides headlines from the entertainment, sports, politics and many more fields. The app permits you to save the feeds so that you can read it peacefully in your leisure time.

Hacker News App

There would scarcely be any techie lover who isn’t interested in the world of hacking. Apart from sharing the latest updates related to tech, the hacker news app also provides compelling information related to hackers and hacking techniques. For comfort, you can also adjust the size of the fonts rapidly.

To conclude, for all those who have been looking for technology news apps, you surely now have a reliable list of best tech news app above mentioned. To know more about technology, stay connected to us.

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