Artificial Intelligence is one of the most prevalent developments made in the technology and science filed. In simpler words, Artificial Intelligence are machines that has the ability to think and act like humans. These have done spectacular benefit to humans as it has been successful in reducing the work load by making things easier. The only thing that makes them different from humans is that they have emotional feelings which means they are not biased in their judgement nor do they get tired.

Irrespective of any fields, from education to business, tourism to health,, AI has made its space everywhere. To help you know more about AI, in this article we will be discussing about some of the best AI apps available for Android that are widely being used.

Listed below are the top 4 Artificial Intelligence apps


Microsoft's Andrew Shuman on the Cortana app's death, natural ...

Cortana was initially supportive to Windows devices only. But sooner Cortana developed to be available on Android devices. Developed by Microsoft, Cortona is one of the most spectacular personal assistant apps available. It permits you to sync in your smartphone with your computer and by this you can set a reminder on your computer and receive notification alerts on your smartphone. Also, through this app you can track files, photos and videos from your device. The app enables you to send emails, research on the internet and perform such more activities.

Google Allo

Google Allo is a popular messaging app permitting you to take action on android devices through voice control. The app can be a great use for maintaining privacy as it hides the user search history via incognito mode. The smart reply feature indulged in the app gives suggestion for the text and photos based upon user’s replies.


ELSA is by the far one of the best developments made. For all those wanting to improve their English speaking skills, ELSA is the ideal option for you. ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant that aims to help user learn better English. Within 4 weeks of usage, you can witness improvements.

Recent News

As the name suggests, Recent News is a news aggregation app available for android devices. It works by analysing the users reading interest and habit. Based upon the users past behaviour, the app will keep the users updated by featuring latest news, articles and through various other sources. Also, it permits the users to bookmark the articles and export the same on other devices so that you do can read it in your leisure time.

To conclude, the list of best AI apps is pretty lengthy for you to acknowledge and so we have got the best ones for you so that you do not miss out on something best.

Thank you for your time.