In this digital era, everyone knows the importance of networking. Gone are the days for meeting and greeting at coffee shops, online networking has been trending from past recent years. Undoubtedly social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the most popular ones but they are not the ideal option for professional networking. But not to worry, there are variety of other popular options available thoroughly based set-up for professional purposes where like-minded professionals can connect easily to grow their networks on a wider scale. Networking apps will let other people know including the industry leaders about your business presence. To help you know about the most effective platforms, in this article we will be discussing about the top 3 networking apps. Check out the list below;


Shapr is an exciting and time-effective way of meeting new people in professional contextual. Just like Tinder, you can swipe to find people with the same interests or profession as yours. The best thing about the app is that your identity won’t be revealed until and unless you don’t get a match and once you find your match, you can connect to them through the Shapr messaging. While creating your profile, you fill in details related to your interests, professional experience and location, this would help you to find a perfect match easily. The app is available for both, Android users as well as iOS users.


Learning LinkedIn

Entrepreneurs looking for networking opportunities, LinkedIn is an ideal option. Currently there are over 500 million active users of LinkedIn and these numbers makes it a perfect platform to get in touch within your profession. You can build opportunities, develop relationships as well as access the insights within the LinkedIn networks. The user-friendly interface of LinkedIn makes it easier for people to understand its working and to create profile while adding personal and professional details. Also, it is highly recommended for those looking for job opportunities.


GroupMe aims to improve both, personal as well as professional connections. The tool provides free group messaging and also you can easily set up an private chat for individual of your choice. Coordinating with colleagues, sharing info in real time, sending infinite media via chatrooms makes this tool pretty impressive.

To sum up, there are seamless networking apps available out there that would help you connect to people of your profession. Do try out the above listed networking apps to find the best one for you to connect.