In the world of technology, the land space of mobile gaming has changed a lot. Popular gaming studios previously paid very less towards attention to mobile gaming but now things have changed and finally, gaming studios made trending and famous games accessible to the audience on the mobile platforms.

In reality, mobile games have helped companies earn huge sums of money in the form of revenue. But to run these high-end graphic games there was much need for smartphones that are capable to run games such.

Major smartphone companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei created devices that are capable to process and run games but they were not affordable as the prices were above 500 $ or 50k. So there’s remain a huge gap between the needs of the user and the availability of the devices.

In order to bridge the gap, small smartphone companies started to produce smartphones that enabled users to play mobile games without the need to pay expensive prices.

The best Gaming Phones Android That Won’t Your Wallet


This smartphone was released in 2019 and was especially targeted for mobile gamers. And it comes with a huge 6.53 inches screen with Full HD display. The mobile was interesting because it has a 4D motor and a dedicated game mode.

Real Me X

This phone is one of the best smartphones to be released at a price range of 20K. It comes with a 6. 5-inch AMOLED display which will be great for the gaming experience.

Pocophone F1

Arguably one of the best gaming phones android which comes with a powerful Snapdragon  845 processor and can run most of the games like PUBG, Call Of Duty etc.


The above phones are the best gaming smartphones in android. If you feel that we have missed out on any smartphones please suggest in the comment section.