Your iPhone XR, on its own, feels incomplete. Sure you’ve learned the ropes of the new gesture-based system, you’re loving the new Face ID system and you’ve even loaded up on the best apps for iPhone XR. But something is missing.

It can be an awesome clear case, a crash proof bumper, a wireless charging setup, or a fast charging setup. Or a simple Beats earphones color co-ordinated with your iPhone XR. Your new iPhone is looking for a new best friend. Luckily we’ve got a list of some of the best candidates. Check out our list of the best accessories for your new iPhone XR.

1. Spigen liquid Crystal Case

The liquid Crystal Case is designed to showcase the magnificent the beauty of new iPhone XR colors. The main feature of the case is its slim frame which does not add any bulk to the device and the crystal clarity of the case is the main feature of displaying the original look of the phone.

The slim protection of the case makes it pocket and grip-friendly. The case keeps your phone free from the watermarks and has an innovative air cushion technology. The case has a built-in camera guard and is easy to hold. The case also supports the wireless charging of the phone and the precise cutouts provide easy access to every feature on the device.

2. Spigen Tough Armor Case

The most important tool to keep your new iPhone XR safe is the Spigen Tough Armor Case. The compatibility of the case with the iPhone XR is noteworthy. The most important features are extreme drop protection with two layers of impact resistance. The tough armor case has ergonomic daily grip and pocket friendliness.

The case keeps you protected from each and every fall and keeps your phone free from the cost of faulty insurance provided by the companies. What makes this tough armor case more interesting is the Air Cushion Technology which enables it to support wireless charging thus you don’t have to remove the case while charging your iPhone.

3. RhinoShield

RhinoShield is the last name in crash protection bumpers. Get a CrashGuard NX bumper and be rest assured that no matter what kind of fall your iPhone takes, the glass back and front will probably be safe. That’s because the bumper is intelligently designed to absorb all shocks. It covers sides, yes, but it extends a lip across the front and the back as well. So your iPhone never actually touches the ground.

The case comes in bright colors like Yellow and Blue to go with your iPhone XR.

4. Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

Mophie Charge Steam Pad+ is of the best accessory out there for all Apple devices as it provides up to 10 Watts of power for fast charging your iPhone XR.

The rubberized pad holds the smartphone securely in place while charging and the cable and wall adapter gives you an optimum way of charging your phone. This pad uses state of the art Qi technology. You just have to put your iPhone XR on the pad and charging will begin immediately. The pad is compatible with all Apple smartphones and can charge through lightweight cases up to 3mm thick.