Android Smartphones has gained a majority of India’s market share, with most people in our country using an android smartphone. After 6 years of using your smartphone most users get bored with their apps due to the same look and user experience as well. There are so many options to make your smartphone look fine, one of the most popular cases in which people want to change their respective phones ‘back panel or cover, but it simply changes the devices’ outer look. So, for all the smartphone users specially android who are interested to change the look and feel of the User Interface of your device then this article will help you out finding the free theme for android download. Kindly continue reading the following below:

  • Blue Silver Metal Launcher Theme:

The blue-silver metal launcher theme for your smartphone is a great choice for any time of year. Because of its stylish and elegant look, this theme is perfect for business people and the best part of this theme is that you can easily customize and adapt the theme according to your requirement. You’ll get soothing blue color and smooth animations in this theme with a feature of quickly hiding apps that you don’t want anyone to see. There are some settings, night mode and other additional devices for your phone to better use as well. By design, it needs CM launcher to add the theme.

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  • Pink Cherry Blossom Theme:

The pink cherry theme is the best theme you can use on your smartphone if you are very sensitive to color and have the best and favorite color of your choosing. The theme’s pink color refers to CM launcher and can also customize your wallpaper and icons at the same time. This free android download theme also comes with the ability to hide apps if you don’t want any visitor to visit any of your things.

Cute Pink Cherry Blossom Theme for Android - APK Download

  • The Phoenix Theme:

If you’re looking for a theme that will definitely make your smartphone look cool and stylish then you can get your device’s Phoenix theme that needs ME launcher to make it useful to you. This theme comes with a junk cleaner that removes all the files left behind after deinstalling any unwanted devices. The locker functionality of the App keeps your private apps locked in case you want to keep some secret.

We hope the above mentioned article has helped you a lot understanding some of the free theme for android download you can use it on your smartphone.

Thank You for reading.