A smartphone is the latest technologies in the market, without a smartphone, you can’t do any things, its one of the best cellular telephone with an integrated computer, it can run software applications. its a kind of mini radios were receiving and sending radio signals. every mobile phone has an antenna, that receives mobile phones signals. There are so many advantages of smartphones like web surfing, instant communication, camera, entertainment, education, GPS, productivity apps, privacy and more. These all are the best advantage of smartphones. there are some kinds of disadvantages of using mobile phones for long periods, like chronic pain, vision problems, hinders sleep, brain cancer, increase your stress level, germs and it might be hampering your thinking process. So these all are disadvantages of mobile phones. All you need to know about smartphones. Therefore you should take care of all these types of specifications.now we are here to give a few suggestions about the Redmi phone under 20000. Have a look and pick anyone if you are looking phone under 20000, Given below.

Redmi note 8 pro

Red Mi note 8 pro is one of the best latest addition mobile phones in India, its xiao new king of the popular note series. It has advanced features like, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, and the battery has a 4,500MAH. The range starts from 14,999. It’s one of the best phones under 20000 in India.


Oppo k3 is one of the best famous phones in India, it shares a lot of things, with realme x, including their infrastructure and specification. Its looks premium, it has a good build quality, classy design, good cameras, and strong performances, it has an 8 GB RAM, 128GB storage. The range starts from 18,990.

Xiaomi mi a3

Its one of the best phone in the market under 20000.its has the best specification like it has a good camera, smooth performance, excellent battery life, premium bad quality and more. its has a 4gb ram, 64 GB storage. The range starting from 12,499.you should try this phone.

Vivo z1 pro

Its one of the best Chinese phone in the market, if you are looking for mobile phones, then you should go for this phone because of their best specifications like its has a very good battery life, decent cameras and good overall performance. The range starting from 13,750 /. Its has a 4gb ram, 64gb storage, if you take my suggestions, then try for this one.

I hope we have included all the information about Redmi phone under 20000. stay tuned for more updates.

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