You might have thought sometime in your life that what if everything can be connected to the internet and operated just by voice command. Well now with the advancement in technology, it became true. Now you can operate many gadgets just by voice command or one click and this is called smart home gadgets. The main purpose of smart home gadgets is to make life interesting, easy and automated. If you have a camera installed in your house, then you can see the activity at home on your screen, no matter where you are. Same way there are many smart home gadgets in India.

  1. Smart lightning:

Most known electronic company Philips, which is currently focussing on health technology has launched a smart home gadgets Philips Hue for outdoor range which is a fantastic product to make your house comfortable with the lightning. You just need to install the app, connect it with the bluetooth in your phone and then you are ready to operate it via phone. There are 16 million colors in this smart bulb which you can choose according to the ambience.

  1. Smart speaker:

In this category comes Amazon Echo smart speaker power by Alexa. It is a handy bluetooth speaker which can be operated by voice command. You can connect many smart devices with Alexa and operate them with the voice command. You can even make many recipes with the help of Alexa. The coolest thing is that it is not much expensive and smart enough to use.

  1. Smart camera:

In the list of Must have Smart home Gadgets in India we have included a smart camera known as Alro ultra. It is the first smart camera which records 4K video or ultra HD video. Though it is bit expensive but worth it to buy because of the cool technology it has like zooming, color night vision, siren, 180 degree view, etc. this is completely wireless and simple to install. You just need to sign up to take the Arlo’s subscription plan.

  1. Smart thermostat:

Smart thermostat means you can adjust the temperature of the light from the bed with just the voice command. You do not need to get up from the bed. If you are reading then you can increase the brightness of the light and if you are sleeping then you can dim the light just by giving the voice command. It can be operated through Google assistant, Alexa and Siri and it works well with each one.

These are the Must have Smart home Gadgets in India which you can use to make your life easy, smart and safe.