There are tons of apps available in the market but not all are useful and you cannot have them all in your phone either, due to storage limitations. But some apps are like must have apps for smartphones which help you in various ways like connecting with the world through social media, telling you updates about every corner of the world and many more. So let us discuss some must have apps for smartphone.

  1. Weather:

Without any argument, weather is an important app which gives you a daily weather report along with some additional features. You can check the weather for your current location as well for any location in the world. This app also tells you about the forecast of 10 days so that you can have an idea if you plan to go somewhere. Free version of the app comes with some advertisements and for an Ad free app you need to pay some amount.

  1. Bouncer:

It is the best security app for smartphones. With this app you can give temporary permissions to the app. When you check in somewhere you give permission to Facebook to access your location for a long time, but bouncer disables the permission once you leave Facebook. This way you can use any social media app without changing the settings again and again.

  1. Google drive:

It is one of the must have apps for Smartphone which is a cloud storage on Android. In Google drive you can store up to 15GB data and you can buy more if you want. You can save anything like Google sheets, Google docs, Google photos, slides, calendar, Gmail, etc. It is easy to keep track of all the documents through Google drive and you can access it anytime keeping your phone storage free.

  1. Google maps:

It is the navigation app and best app so far. It helps in navigating the way for you and works according to the movement of android devices on the road. It gets a weekly update to add nice features to it every time. It helps in navigating ways, tells you about places to roam or eat, gives exact directions for the destination.

  1. Google Assistant:

It is the most helpful app which runs on android devices. You just download it and then enable it. It can search anything for you just by voice command, can solve simple math problems and can even tell the news. You do not need to type anything, just give the voice command.

These are some must have apps for Smartphone which everyone should use to make things easy and organised. These are really helpful in today’s life.