Apple’s 2020 Iphone earpods price in india models launching next year may come with several new changes. The company is going to bring these 5G connectivity iPhones with a completely new design. In addition, on newer devices, Apple may also increase RAM capacity. Now a new report states that with the iPhone 12 series smartphones, the company will provide AirPod with ear pads as accessories to buyers.

A Taiwanese publisher, Digitimes, quoted industry sources as saying that California-based tech company Apple would offer Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds along with its 2020 iPhone. Let me tell you, TWS here means earphones like Apple AirPods or Samsung Galaxy Buds. The report states that not only Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are also going to introduce TWS earbuds with their smartphones from next year.

IPhone earpods price in India Will affect the price of Apple AirPods is $ 159 (Rs 11,999 in India). However, it will not be easy for Apple to completely replace earpods with TWS earbuds as earpods are priced at $ 29 (Rs 1,999 in India), and so the price of the device will also have the effect of providing AirPods with it. Looking at previous reports by Digitimes, they have had a mixed record of accuracy. In such a situation, it is not necessary that IPhone earpods price in India provide AirPods with all their iPhone models and only AirPods can be found with the top version.

More RAM than before

Also Berkeley analyst Blaine Cuts has said in his report that up to 6 GB of RAM can be given in Apple iPhone 12 series smartphones. The 2019 IPhone 11 model has 4 GB of RAM, so Apple can give a major upgrade to new devices. Let me tell you, Apple does not disclose the RAM capacity of its iPhone models. Reports say that the new 2020 IPhones can get rear-facing 3D sensing camera feature support. In addition, users of the new devices will be given better 5G performance.

Upgrade to Siri

Now Siri assistant can also be activated with the help of voice. For this, users just have to say ‘Hi Siri’. At first AirPods Siri can only be activated by tapping.

No design changes

The new AirPods also resemble First Generation’s wireless earbuds. Even the charging case is very similar to the previous look. However Apple is calling it “AirPods” only.