It’s not big news that every web host out there does have some lacking in services. Well, which company doesn’t? Just name a company and then Google them. You will find tons of lacking’s in the services provided by the company. iPage too has some minor disadvantages but compared to the other web hosts, they are very low.

iPage is one of the best web hosting providers out there are have been providing reliable web hosting for quite some time now. Well here are some features of iPage that you need to aware of and also some others that make iPage one of the best Web hosting provider in the world.

iPage Web Hosting Review 2019:

Here are some of the best features of iPage and if you are someone who’s planning to use iPage, just make sure to check this review before purchasing it.

Free 1 year Domain Name:

One of the iPage’s best things is that they provide a free one-year domain name when you sign up for any of its plans and it is ideal if you are planning to cut costs. Since it can be expensive to register a domain name, registering a domain name free of cost is truly awesome.

Money-back Guarantee:

It’s quite easy to cancel an iPage account. All you need to do is get in touch with their customer support and that would be all. But to get the money back you need to cancel your account within 30 days from the purchase date. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the refund is bot applicable to add-ons such as domain names, etc.

Cheap Web Hosting:

iPage provides hosting plans at very cheap rates. Along with these plans, you will also be able to avail some of the premium features and these would cost you about a lot more with other web hosts. Shared hosting plans extend for 36, 24, and a 12-month period at $7.99, $8.99, and $9.99 a month.

No Free Migration:

You’ll have to migrate it yourself because when you sign up for their hosting services, iPage doesn’t offer free website migration. iPage uses vDeck for its platform and if you’re using a different platform, say a cPanel, then you’re going to get quite a headache transferring all that info.

So, these are some of the features of iPage. As I mentioned before, there are always some advantages and disadvantages of every hosting provider but if you look at the big picture, then the iPage will always appear as one of the best wen hosting providers in the world.