Inmotion Hosting was founded in the year 2001 which is a privately held provider for hosting services all over the world. With dozens of competitions around the globe, Inmotion hosting has been able to keep the trust of hundreds and thousands of customers with excellent track records of providing the best services for hosting along with support at the very affordable price range. Inmotion Hosting was co-founded by Indian Origin Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson; currently, they have over 300 employees and three offices in the USA. Inmotion Hosting a wide range of plans and features for their customers as per their needs and budget. 

Why Inmotion Hosting is good?

Well, Inmotion Hosting is a company that not only focuses on just selling their hosting services. For the company, every customer is like their God and for them, they can provide the best services and support so that no one gets dissatisfied. Just like many other web hosting services or companies Inmotion Hosting also provides the best plans and features for their customers’ website. Let us find out some more reasons why Inmotion Hosting can be good for your website in the points mentioned below:


  • Free SSL

Inmotion Hosting offers the best SPAM Protection for its customer’s website. With all the premium SSL Certificates available for free you will also get DDoS Protection, Hack Protection and Automated Backups so that you get the Z+ security for your website from all the sides. 

  • Domain Names:

For any website Domain Names are the most important requirement before hosting. So, Inmotion offers you all the latest Domain Names available in their database with any extension you are looking for. If you purchase a Domain name for 12- or 24-month hosting plan then you will get a free domain or free domain transfer by Inmotion.

  • State of the art Technology:

When it comes to its Data Centre’s which is equipped with State-of-the-art Technology made with full climate control N+1 redundant. The company is focusing on more climate-friendly and green data centres across the country. They have four tiers 1 ISP providers that means by any chance if any sudden natural disaster occurs at their data centre, so they will have multiple backups to keep your data flowing.

  • Website Builder:

Inmotion provides you with one of the best features of the Website Builder facility which brings you drag and drop simplicity to your WordPress and that is given by BoldGrid. It gives you stunning and most responsive WordPress websites that are easier to set up for any customers. Either he/she is a beginner or professional. Customizing various content blocks, managing different plugins and much more freedom you will get in your hands with the Website Builder of Inmotion Hosting.

Hosting Plans:

Inmotion Hosting also comes with different plans and features from which you can choose your own as per your needs and budget. Below we will mention some of the top plans you can choose from Inmotion Hosting for your website.

  • WordPress Hosting:

Inmotion Hosting provides a wide range of plans in which WordPress Hosting is the most favourable among customers who are looking for managed and optimized by experts. The WordPress Hosting by the company is set up to deliver the best performance, security and world-class reliability to their customers choosing this plan. Well, you can easily take advantage of the website migration feature provided by this plan or you can also go with entirely new pre-installed WordPress or its Page Builder. There are four different sub-plans included with the WordPress Hosting for which the pricing starts from $6.99/month which comes with standard features such as Free Domain, 1 Website, 50 Gb SSD storage, Unlimited Email Accounts and many more.

  • Shared Hosting:

As we have discussed before Inmotion provides a wide range of plans that includes different categories and pricing, one of the most common and widely used plans by them is Shared Hosting. Good for static websites that have a decent number of traffic and if you are planning to start your blog as a beginner then this plan is the best for suited for you. It comes with three different plans with prices starting from $6.39/month where you will get some standard features such as Free Domain, 2 Websites to host, Unlimited Disk Space Bandwidth and Email along with Free SSL as well. 

Performance, Security and Customer Support:

Every Hosting Company doesn’t only consist or dependent on plans they offer, they have to take care of customer’s satisfaction in performance, Security and Customer Support as well. So below we will share some of the features which Inmotion is providing to their customers:

  • Uptime:

The most important for any web hosting providers and consumers is the uptime which they get from the company. It depends on the actual performance of the website server’s connectivity speed and much more. As per our specific tests and general reviews by its customers we have come to the result that it provides 99.9% of promised Uptime which is the best among all. 

  • Loading Speeds:

Well, Inmotion Hosting performs above average and descent job in Loading speed in terms of various plans we have tested. Inmotion has been able to manage to provide the best servers for your website hosting so that you get the fast loading speed.

  • Security:

With Free SSL Certificates in most of their plans along with many other security features for your website, Inmotion does a perfect job for their customers. On the other hand, their data centres are heavily guarded and much more security feature enabled we have discussed in the State-of-the-Art Technology above.

  • Customer Support:

Inmotion Hosting will never disappoint you if you are facing any technical glitches on your website. With their highly professional and well-trained executives will be able to solve your problems with ease. You can easily connect with them 24/7/365 over Tele Calling, Chat or Emails.


Overall, with all the tough competition among web hosting providers across the globe Inmotion has managed to provide the best plans and services to their users with the best customer support you can ever get. The prices are affordable and each plan has its unique features. Hence you can go with Inmotion Web Hosting without any doubts.