Apple is a renowned brand to begin with and has set high expectations for the competitors. Likewise, after the release of iPhone X and iPhone Xr their sales hit hard this year. Even though the prices are very high, people are still buying it. The only explanation is the camera, and data encryption. It’s got one of the best gateways and hackers can’t get through the gate. The camera is updated with strong features such as Portrait mode and slow-mo video features for 240Fs. Yeah, I know that when you compare it to the Android phones, it’s really difficult, but once you’re used to it, you’ll never for sure fall like buying an Android smartphone.

The price range begins with INR 50,000 and prices are valued depending on the phones ‘capacity. I’d say it’s worth buying if you’re in a company as some of the significant transactions you’re going to make. Come to the point how to start with outlook setting gmail.

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Only in case you purchased a new iPhone, and you’re having trouble installing apps? You’re in the right zone as we’re going to help you explore your new iPhone stuff. Apple has set expectations most companies don’t have. Android users simply type the apps that need to be installed on Playstore, and only a click away to access the software.

This is completely different at Apple. You must sign in by password and apple I d. And you must also sign in via iTunes. Once the login credentials are issued, you’ll be able to install apps on your iPhone. After you’ve signed in, it’ll ask for face details. You’re just one step away from outlook setting gmail.

  • Go to Appstore, check the store for outlook and download it.
  • Click on it, and launch it once you find it.
  • It will then ask for email I d and password after installation.
  • Provide these credentials and login details listed above.
  • Turn “OUTLOOK” alerts on.

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We hope this solves most of your questions about outlook setting gmail. You can also ask us in the comments section, just in case you have any more questions. Keep in touch with us for more of those pieces. Thanks for reading this post!