If you want to block unknown person in Whats app and the reasons why some other people has blocked in Whats app you will get know in this article. Whats app is the widest and trending messaging apps; this one is used regularly with loved ones or friends. Its looks same as what we are using Whats App and messenger app, it has some similar functionality of chit chat and blocking people on your phone. So here you want to know how to block someone on Whats app and you are going to learn how some other people blocked you on Whats app.

Ways to Block someone on Whats app

You getting irritated with someone messaging annoying think with you, don’t worry you block that person, it’s an easy task.

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You will get notification, whenever unknown person message you and that will notify on top of screen.

  1. You have to allow contacts in Whats app.
  2. Report that contact as spam and Block- This is an excellent way to get out of this bot and depend your report of spam, Whats app may block or ban the account.
  3. Block- if you’re receiving a message, that is not the spam, simply you can block that account, that was sent from Whats app.

There are numerous methods to dam a touch on Whats app. You can do it directly from a chat window or use the block list.

How we will use Blocked Contacts on Whats app

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Block list is a feature on Whats app which collects all of your blocked contacts in one vicinity. You can usually add more human beings to the listing, or unblock them in case you trade your mind. Here is the way to do it:

What Shall we Do When unknown person Blocked on Whats app?

Once you are blocked on Whats app or other social media web sites, you will now not be allowed to contact the man or woman thru one-on-one messages or calls. The messages and calls might be blocked, and the profile facts might be stored before the block and will not have any modifications from then on. And the reputation of the despatched messages will no longer pronouncing brought or seen.

You can use all these to get out of Whats app and how to block someone in Whats app, and this is what exactly people are doing, we have done lots of research while preparing this article, so you can easily go through this article and you can share your feed-back in the comment section, that will be a good for us to write more articles.