Firewall is a software program that prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network. Firewalls are tools that can be used to enhance the security of computers connected to a network, such as LAN or the Internet. They are an integral part of a comprehensive security framework for your network. In this article, we will explain how firewalls protect your networks.

How does a Firewall protect my Network?

Security is a topic on the minds of most everyone these days so understanding how to best protect your network is naturally a priority. Firewalls are designed as a barricade to keep out untrustworthy entities and traffic. A firewall can be a software or hardware based system that serves as a round the clock traffic cop, prohibiting any traffic that you don’t want inside your network. You define the traffic to be permitted into your network. Anything else simply has no access.

A firewall is designed to protect computers from threats

Software-based firewalls are typically part of the operating system or a component of Anti-virus software. It is designed to block some applications that are seen as a potential threat to the user while allowing other approved applications unvetted access.

Hardware-based firewalls serve as a physical blockade between the internet and the internal network. A true business-grade firewall should have the following services available to help prevent against malware, ransomware, and viruses: Anti-virus Gateway, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, Web Reputation, WebBlocker, SpamBlocker, Network Discovery, Data Loss Prevention, and/or Advanced Threat Protection.

Because businesses work with large volumes of sensitive data over their networks, a business-grade firewall is a must. Intrusion into your network leaves your critical business data available to outsiders/hackers. According to a study completed by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) in conjunction with the FBI, 52% of companies reported system penetration from external sources.

Getting Your Firewall Up and Running

While a firewall is busy protecting your network and your business it should not stand in the way of productivity. Getting your firewall correctly installed, configured, and tested is of utmost importance. To be confident that this has been accomplished, partner with Sentry Global Technologies network security services. Sentry Global also provides extensive managed IT services, including network security and assessment and more. Let us help you make sure you have everything you need for ultimate network security.