Be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or any social media platform, emojis are everywhere. They have made such an important place that social media is like empty without emojis. But have you ever thought that from where did they come? How did they evolve? The answer will be no, mostly. Anyway, not a problem as in this article we will discuss the emojis history, their journey.

Well it did not happen overnight, there is a full history behind that. In the late 20th century, Japanese companies were under immense pressure to introduce images to make the conversation better. They noticed that many Japanese clients exchange picture messages which are more meaningful and short to convey. Japanese companies took the advantages and gave people what they wanted.

Shigetaka Kurita is known as the Father of Emoji who was the employee of NTT Docomo, a Japanese company, who played an important role in revolutionizing the communication means of Japan.

Now let us see the memorable emojis update history.

2012: Apple iOS 6 update brought lesbian couples, painted monkey’s nails, dancing girls, gay and lesbian couples holding hands, which made the emojis use more interesting.

2013: Google added emojis support to the Android OS. Before that android users could not use emojis on their devices on the Google official keyboard.

2014: Apple decided to make the emojis more interesting by giving a cultural touch to it. They added American-Africans human touch faces in the set of emojis.

2015: With the iOS 8.3 beta developer option, Apple took a remarkable decision that they will add more racial diversity to the set of emojis. Users could hold the emoji and then choose the skin tone that they wanted. This way worldwide users started to feel their existence in the form of emojis as well.

Late 2015: Apple released 9.1 version and came with a set of 184 emojis in which they added some notorious emojis also like middle finger which made the journey of emojis more interesting. Other noted changes were involvement of the unicorn, zipp mouth, burito, writing hand, etc which were impressive changes in the emojis history.

2016: Apple came with the iOS 10 version and included gender diversity along with the racial diversity. Then, they recreated hundreds of emojis and added female emojis also like female athlete, female chef, female doctor and many other professions. This was a remarkable change made by Apple.

This was the emojis history so far and obviously many changes will be coming in the near future as well.