From last six to seven years there is a trend going on in the indian smartphone market, the arrival of the leading smartphone brands from China which has changed the whole situation market share of many big players already present in the market. And majority of the Indian companies focus on the feature phones and the entry level smartphone sector of the market that is why not able to compete with the foreign brands having their majority of products in the high- end flagship sector making them to stand in the list of top 10 smartphones in india.

Majority of the brands are foreign brands like Samsung from South Korea, Apple from US, followed by brands like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Oneplus and many more from China. And majority of these companies have even set up there assembly plants in India as well. Leading them to be majority stakeholders in the list of top 10 smartphones in india. So, lets see the top five brands in the Indian Smartphone Industry.


A Chinese global brand that is able to gain massive popularity all over India during from the year it came to India. Providing attractive designs and sophisticated features in a smartphone for a very affordable price. This brand is also popular in the rural market too, and is responsible for resurgence of Indian smartphone market.


The South Korean giant, leading the consumer electronic product, named Samsung Electronics and also is one of the market leader for Samsung mobile phones, where models are available in both mid-range and flagship segment of the market gaining a widespread popularity. And the company also take the initiative of ‘Make In India’ by setting up a million dollar manufacturing plant in Noida.


Both the Oppo and Vivo brand is owned by the same Chinese company named BBK Electronics. But in India both thee brands operate as competitors. While Oppo has a 5.6% market share in the country and termed as the top smartphone brand in China and ranked eighth all over the world. Whereas its brother company Vivo has market share of 2.7% and is responsible certain first in market features and technologies like in-display fingerprint sensor.


Mainly known for the iPhones, iPods and MacBooks earning a total revenue US $265.595 billion globally in FY 2018-19. But due to the arrival of Chinese smartphone brands in India that lead to the decline in the sales of the products of Apple brand in the forth coming quarters.


Among the youth of India this Chines brand is quite popular and gained its name and fame after a struggle of starting few years. After the release of the OnePlus 3 which make the market gone on fire for this phone due to the specs available for that price bracket in which it is launched. And to make their phones premium they only work for one series in a year.

So, these are some of the top brands whose phones always list in the top 10 smartphones in india and are continuing to build this market even more to get the best products out to the each consumer present in the market. In case you feel that you have some doubts or suggestion then feel to reach to us.

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