There are quite a lot of web hosting providers out there and among all these names Fatcow is regarded as one of the best web hosts. They have been providing reliable web hosting for quite some time now and hopefully, they will be doing the same thing for the coming years too. Fatcow provides its customers with quite a lot of benefits and it comes with a lot of benefits as well. So, here we will be discussing about some of the best things about FatCow and why you should choose them.

FatCow Web Hosting Review:

Here are some of the best things about FatCow.

Customer Support:

FatCow is said to be one of the best web hosting providers in the world and just like that they also have some of the best customer support staff. The response time of the support staff is quite fast and they are quite knowledgeable as well. The support team is quite patient and knowledgeable at the same time. But that’s not all, the support staff will stick to you and solve your queries until and unless you are satisfied.

Free Migration:

This one might not be that of a big thing as there are quite a lot of web hosts out there who provide free migration. But still, free migration is quite a great feature as it will be quite hectic for you if you had to do it on your own. But along free migration, they will provide you with all the necessary assistance that you require to get the job done.

Money-back Guarantee:

FatCow is web host that will provide you with a money-back guarantee. So suppose that you have been using their services and after some time you are not satisfied with that anymore. So what you can do here is opt-out and they will provide you back the money that you spent while purchasing hosting service form them. But this one is only available for those who are going to opt-out before 30 days from the day of purchasing.

Loading time:

FatCow is said to be one of those web hosts whose loading time is quite slow and it is around 1166ms. Considering that site speed has a significant effect on both search rankings and conversions, slow page loading times are a major downside for any commercial website.

So, these are some of the things that you should know about if you are planning to pick FatCow as your web hosting provider. Hopefully, the provided information has been of help to you.