Technology is an inevitable part of our lives which is used everywhere like phones, tablets, TVs, computers, home appliances, etc, everywhere you see the use of technology which makes our lives easy and smarter. Phones have become smarter because you can do almost everything with your phone. Children also see us using phones every time and naturally they also get attracted towards it. But as a parent it is your duty to know about the right amount of time to get interacted with the technology to have positive effects on a child’s developing brain. So let us discuss the effects of technology on a child’s brain.

  1. Critical thinking:

It is found in the research that involvement in the technology affects the thinking ability of the child and improves the scanning ability. Child’s brain is in a developing stage so the effect is more, whether it is negative or positive. The more they are involved with technology, the more their reading ability decreases. However, their scanning ability and reflex actions improve. 

  1. Attention and imagination:

When a child is busy with the phones and tablets, he or she will indulge with it more and will be cut off totally from the actual world. This can affect the attention part and imagination. While seeing the screen, the visuals are so strong that the child’s mind is totally involved in it and neither pays attention to the outside world nor imagines about the things which he or she can do while reading books. Reading helps in improving the attention part and also helps children in imaging the things. This is one of the important effects of technology on child’s brain

  1. Privacy and safety:

In this era of technology, your child can come across to many things while accessing different social media platforms. There could be any bullying or unacceptable activity over the internet which can affect your child. Being a parent you should take care of the things which your child is accessing on the internet. Create a bond with your child where he or she can share or discuss anything with you so that you can help them.

  1. No physical activity:

If children spend more time with technology, automatically their physical activity will decrease as they will be sitting most of the time. This makes their life sedentary which is not at all good from the health point of view. Sedentary lifestyle make person obese and their eating and sleeping pattern also gets disturbed which leads to many health issues further.

These are the effects of technology on a child’s brain. Being a parent or guardian, it is your duty to watch children carefully what they are doing, how much time they are spending with their phones and gadgets as technology has both positive and negative effects.