The concept of virtual reality is not new, it has been rolling in the tech world for many years. In this article, we have mentioned few best and cheapest VR headset for PC. You can refer to it if you are planning to buy it.

Oculus Rift S

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It has a number of enhancements. It delivers a fantastic gaming experience with great visuals, audio, and screenplay. It is also designed within and out tracking system. It is compatible with Rift games. It has plenty of games to play and is very comfortable.
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Oculus Rift

It is one of the famous VR systems in the market. It has sensors that make the gaming experience very nice. It also comes with a camera.

HTC Vive

 It requires a powerful PC to run. It gives you the freedom to run around the room and play. It is a brilliant system to own. It is the cheapest VR headset for PC in our list.

HTC Vive Pro

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It is an upgraded and enhanced version. it has increased pixel density, nice resolution, and improved audio. It is very comfortable and will blow your mind once you start using it. The price is high but worth paying for such a great gaming experience.

Oculus Quest

It is a standalone device and allows six degrees of freedom for movement. It is cross-compatible with other oculus headsets, it means you can play in a group with your friends. It is bigger and better. This headset would be the cheapest VR headset for PC to buy.

Acer AH101 Windows Mixed Reality

It needs the latest windows 10 to run. It is the best and cheapest VR headset for PC in our list. If you get it on sale day than you will find a more cheap price for it. The gaming experience is also good and affordable. You can find it online also and get home-delivered.

Sony Playstation VR

It has the same technology as other brands VR, but the brand sony has a name in the market, which is a benefit for this VR. It tracks the movement of your heads and also has a camera for a better gaming experience.

The headsets can be found online at better and affordable rates. You need to first test it if you are buying from a store. The gaming experience which this cheapest VR headset for PC gives, it is just awesome. Keep playing and enjoying with your headsets.