Technology is the key behind the development of any nation. It makes our lives simpler and better with time. There have been many changes taking place in the last few years in the field of technology and it became more advanced every time. Be it medical field, agriculture field, household, IT sector, etc everywhere technology exists and we are so dependent on machines and technology in our daily lives. But one thing we need to focus upon is the environment around us. Let us see, can technology save the environment?

  1. Saving energy:

These days smart devices are so smart that they not only make our lives simple and comfortable but also help in conservation of energy. Smart devices come with smart technology by which they switch off automatically when not in use and save energy. Smart appliances like fridge beeps if the door is opened. These are examples of artificial intelligence which helps in saving energy.

  1. Conserving resources:

Technology helps in conserving resources. How? We will discuss with an example of the sprinkler which is used to sprinkle the water in the grass. Now it comes with settings which you can set according to the weather and how much water is needed by grass. This way we can conserve a large amount of water. Another example is green buildings where there are a lot of plants and they are constructed in a way that natural light can penetrate. This way we can reduce the consumption of coal.

  1. Elimination waste:

Can Technology save the Environment? Next answer to this question is that society is becoming more paper free. With the advancement of technologies, smartphones, laptops, etc are helpful in saving paper and eliminating the waste. We can make a to do list or grocery list on our phones only. During meetings in the offices, we use projectors to discuss the stuff with the presentation and not with the pen and paper. E-books, audio books are so famous now that most of the people prefer to read or listen to anything.

  1. Making us healthier:

Technology helps us in getting healthy also. As now we are so busy in work that we forget the must do things in our lives. There are many apps available now which remind us to walk, drink water, check on calories, help us to meditate and what not. Artificial intelligence in smart bulbs dim the light to blue for better sleep at night and to protect the vision as well. 

All these are classic examples of the question, can Technology save the Environment? Technology is very much helpful in our daily lives if we use it smartly.