People want to watch more than read about the stuff and this is because of the advancement of the technology. It saves time and gives more information in less time. Scientifically, by seeing we absorb the information quickly and therefore one platform has emerged a lot in video content and this YouTube which made many people successful. It is the biggest platform to share your video with the world and you can earn money after following certain conditions. Billions of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube. Now let us see some best YouTube ideas to get into YouTube popular videos list.

  1. Introduce yourself:

This is the first and most important thing while starting a YouTube channel. Let people know about why you are starting this channel, what content you are gonna provide and how frequently, why people should subscribe to your channel. All these things matter a lot. If you make videos about some company or service then give the details about the company as well.

  1. Tour video:

Apart from main content, you should reveal behind the scenes also. Like show your house, room, neighborhood, how you work, etc. This way your subscribers will feel more connected to you and they will take more interest in watching your videos seeing your dedication towards your work.

  1. A day in someone’s life:

It is like a challenge for you but can be beneficial to you to get into the YouTube popular videos list. Whatever you feel is tough for you, just try it out. People love to see when you are in someone else’s shoes for a day. How you adjust, struggle, what difficulties you face, etc makes the video interesting to see.

  1. How to/tutorial videos:

These types of videos are the most popular videos on YouTube and there are a lot of topics on which you can make the tutorial videos. Mostly these videos are based on technology or beauty. You can find a huge content starting from how to play piano to how to carry yourself confidently.

  1. Cooking recipes:

This is the best idea for YouTube video for the home makers or if you want to do some work from home only. A best way of earning along with polishing your culinary skills. There are many options like baking recipes, snack recipes, main course recipes, etc whichever you like you can with that.

Follow these best YouTube ideas to get into YouTube popular videos list and start making money just being at home.