Marketing strategies are basically some series of steps that one needs to take in order to engage one’s customers and leads which will ultimately guide them to purchase your products. There are different types of marketing strategies that are designed in order to achieve different types of goals and you would definitely need more than one strategy to maintain your business growth on the right track. You can also use your own strategy to target customers at different stages. You must use the metrics which you would be generating from best marketing campaigns to know your customer’s needs and that in turn will help you to target them in a more efficient manner. Here are some of the types,

Employee Marketing

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The majority of companies overlook employees as their brand ambassadors and potential customers. Employees often tend to buy from their employers but that again depends on how employers can convince and what deals they can offer. You must gather some of your best employees who wouldn’t work only for the money but would also help to promote the company and help you achieve the targets that you have outlined for the company’s growth. Employees can even spread the word about your business to their respective family, friends, and neighbors. They, in turn, might help you promote it on social media as well. You should not overlook your employees when you’re building a marketing strategy.

Business to Consumer

Business to consumer marketing is basically a strategy that is designed for a company that would market its services and products directly to their customers. It can be operated in brick and mortar stores or online or even both and this type even falls under the list of best marketing campaigns.

Business to Business

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Business to business marketing takes place when one company tries to market its services or products to another company. For example, if one creates online courses for budding entrepreneurs, then you fall under the business to business type.

Direct Selling

Famous companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Amway built their businesses around this type of marketing strategy. It is a good strategy but only for some niche markets. You have to meet your customers outside and convince them to buy your products. All you will need is excellent sales skills and an extroverted personality.

Apart from these, you can also try some of the best marketing campaigns 2018 like cause marketing, point of purchase marketing, affinity marketing, and co-branding and internet marketing.