Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps where people have become so engaged in finding their soulmate or partner. Along with Tinder, there are many such good dating apps which are used by Indians. But there are still many people who would prefer using apps which are better than Tinder.Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps which is being used in India. The signing up process is quite simple as you can log in through your Facebook ID. You can search for your interests after creating a profile and you can swipe right if you like someone and you can swipe left if you don’t. If the two people like each other, it becomes a match and you guys can chat further.

Below mentioned are some other dating apps which are popular among Indians.


Sweatt is one dating app which is the best platform for all those dedicated gym rats out there. Here you can find “the one” who is as interested as you in enjoying several kinds of exercises, foods and also workout methods. Here, you can get your potential lifetime gym partner.


Happn is also one flourishing dating app in India. The process followed on this app is quite interesting. In real life, if you like someone and find him or her attractive, then you can check that person is there on Happn or not and if you find them, you can send a secret like. If that person does the same, you can talk to each other. This dating app is also based on photos. Those two people can arrange for a meeting and get to know each other well.


OkCupid is a dating site which is available in more than 113 countries and is an international dating site. There are questions which are asked to the user to check if there are any related matches. You can also search anyone randomly if they are there on this app. There is also a virtual dating option in this app. If you are a user of OkCupid, you can be absolutely sure of privacy and security. This dating app has got some great reviews and recommendations as well.


Bumble is the location-based dating app which will help only women to initiate conversations. This dating app reduces the chances of spamming as well as incessant and lewd messages. Bumble was established by Tinder’s co-founder.


This dating app is not so popular yet not so new. It has been created just for the homosexual men. Grindr has massive presence all over the world in 192 countries and India is one of those countries.