Air fryer is the latest invention in the category of smart home appliances. Isn’t it like a miracle? Food gets fried without oil. There are many brands available in the market for air fryers and you can get one for you whichever you like after reading the reviews. It is the best way to maintain health along with having yummy crispy foods. It is the best smart home appliance for your kitchen if you are health conscious. But do you know what technology is used in air fryers and how it works? So we are going to discuss air fryer technology. 

How does an air fryer work?

Air fryer is like a counter top convection oven. It consists of a heating element and a fan which helps in circulating the air equally in all the sides to cook the food properly. It is a small electric device with a beautiful design in which there is a detachable basket to keep the food inside and you need to set the timer and temperature according to the type of food you want to cook. When the timer stops, it gives a beep and you can take the basket out to get the food out of it. The hot air swirls around the food in the basket and you get crisp food. Basically an air fryer is like an oven on convection mode but with the compact and trendy version. This compact version helps in creating more heat around the food because of less space inside the basket and helps in cooking crisp food to eat.

Now the next question comes: Whether not a single drop of oil is required?

Well the answer is that most air dryer manufacturers and recipes suggest using the least amount of oil before placing the food inside the basket. You can either spray a little amount of oil or you can coat the surface with oil and then place the food to cook. However, it is found that even if you do not use oil, the food will be cooked properly and you can feel the same crisp crust on the food and that is the way air fryer technology works. You can apply little butter on the food once it is cooked to enhance the flavor.

Can I use an air fryer for non-frying items?

Air fryer cannot work the same as a microwave oven. So better use a conventional oven for non-frying items. However, if you do not have any other options, then you can use an air fryer but the results will surely vary and you cannot get the same rise as the oven.

So now you have a clear idea about the Air fryer technology that How it works. Always buy a good air fryer for even cooking as not all the air fryers are the same. Just do some research before buying one for you.