Machine learning in today’s computer era has become very important to know about. But most people do not know about machine learning. But here we will tell you about machine learning in simple language. We will also first tell you the explanation given in the books of machine learning. After this, we will explain it to you in an easy language. Because the person connected with the computer line understands the interpretation given in the books easily, but for the person who does not have technical knowledge, we will give knowledge about it in simple language using basic terminology.In the books the definition of Machine Learning is that it is an application of AI(Artificial Intelligence) which allows the systems to learn automatically and improve from all the previous experiences without training the systems explicitly. Is that machine learning after all? Where is it used? Why is it used and what are the Advantages Of Machine Learning?

  1. Medical Diagnosis:

Computers have contributed a lot in the medical field and machine learning is a boon for the medical field. In today’s era, large medical diagnosis tests are done by computer based machines in which a small sample of human organs, blood, feces, urine, etc. is taken and which tells the condition of the human body. All this has been possible through machine learning makes it one of the Advantages Of Machine Learning

  1. Prediction:

Machine learning is also used to predict what can be the future as per the previous or old  data. In this, you can look at the forex or share market or banking sector. You must have seen how the analysis is done by foreign exchange and analyzing the data. At the same time how risk management is done by analyzing the data of the account holder before giving loans in banks. It also uses this machine learning to provide estimates in the stock market.

  1. Extraction:

Extracting a structured data set from an unstructured data set is a difficult task but machine learning makes this task extremely easy. Although it is not so easy, machine learning definitely makes it possible.

  1. Clearance:

To use every data value as a variable in a large data set, the classification process is resorted to, and this classification is fully possible through machine learning. For example, to handle different information of one lakh people and to use it for any kind of classification which is possible with machine learning and hence is one of the best Advantages Of Machine Learning.